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Episode 34: LucioPro 

On this episode I am joined by LucioPro, MC, producer, and entertainer. Lucio and I are both in a space-themed futuristic funk band called Galaxy Tour Guides. Check out his music below! 


Episode 33: Dr Dan  

I sat down with Dr. Dan aka Dan Robinson, a musician, video producer, musician, and creator of Fayetteville Public Television. We had a great discussion on his history of living in NW Arkansas, as well as his journey to leading the charge at FPTV.

Fayetteville Public Televsion (


Episode 32: August in August 

On this episode, Garrett August of Vintage Pistol and I get together to catch up on the latest band happenings and more! 

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Episode 31: Tim Marshall & Jon Shorter 

Episode 31 coming in hot with some of my best friends ever, Jon Shorter and Tim Marshall. We talk writing, bartending, traveling, Sunday Funkday, and barbecue. 

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Episode 30: The Dirty 30 

The podcast is back in swing with guests Lance Wright, Dallas Bartholomew, and Jon Shorter. We talk Lance and Dallas' new podcast entitled "Tickle Time" that I will be producing, we talk tragedies, as well as music and more. Happy to be back, tell your friends about the podcast and enjoy! Produced by Emerg Entertainment (




Episode 29: Dallas Lance Party 

On this episode, we have a Lance party. Finally, the "Wright" guest joins us, Lance Wright along with a human whom I don't only share a friendship with, but an ancestorial history with. (Is that a word?) This episode was a ton of fun, thank you guys for listening! 

Making A Scene with Travis Smith ( 

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Episode 28: Charles Entertainment Cheese  

2018 is here, comic Colin Nelson joins Kim Smootz, Robbie Locke of and I, to discuss some important matters including Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Charles Entertainment Cheese aka Chuck E. Cheese, Hulk Hogan, and who know what else.  


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Big 2018 Episode 

The podcast is back in lame fashion. Yeah I said it, but it's still worth a listen. On this incredible short and sweet episode, we slide into 2018 in style with a truly mobile, all solo, show plugging, podcast teasing, under 10-minute roller coaster ride. Listen to me ramble!  

We are going to keep the ball rolling into 2018 with some sweet episodes. 


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